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3 Secrets to Buying a Home

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for saleAre you in the market to buy real estate in Destin, Florida? You might be interested in learning some tricks of the trade. Here are some of our agents’ best kept secrets to buying a home:

(1) Examine the neighborhood. Don’t be dazzled by a great home at a good price before you get a lay of the land. Neighborhoods can play a huge part in determining the home’s future value. It is important to visit it at different points throughout the day to assess factors like traffic, noise, safety and upkeep.

(2) Bigger is NOT always better: A supersized meal at McDonald’s might be worth it, but unfortunately the same can’t always be said for real estate. If the house you are considering buying is the biggest home on the block, it might not hold value well long-term. 

(3) Buy when the time is right… for you: You have probably heard that you can get a better deal around the holidays, but sellers are “eager” in the winter. The truth is that every sale is different, and you should jump on a deal when it makes sense for you and your family. 

For more tips and tricks on how to buy a home, contact one of our RE/MAX Southern agents today!

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