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  • Benefits of Downsizing

    Benefits of Downsizing

    While owning a home is still the American Dream for many buyers in the United States, that dream may be shifting in size to finding a smaller home. Find out some of the benefits. Save Money... Read More

  • How to style a bar cart in seven easy steps

    Seven Steps to Style a Summer Bar Cart

    This late into summer, the evenings are getting longer and the days are getting hotter. That means the drinks need to get colder. Don’t settle for mismatched cups or lackluster glasses at your... Read More

  • Shrubs and bushes can harbor mosquitoes.

    Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Enjoy Summertime

    Shrubs and bushes can harbor mosquitoes. I was walking my dog in those cool, early hours of the morning before the sun comes up when I noticed the first bite. Unmistakably itchy, it was the work... Read More

  • A great realtor knows the value of listening.

    Realtors: Do You Embody Traits of Success?

    A great realtor knows the value of listening. Finding a great realtor is a key step to buying or selling a home.  Of course, clients want agents to have industry knowledge, but more often,... Read More

  • A pool is a must-have amenity for a vacation rental property.

    Why Your Investment Property Should Be in Northw...

    A pool is a wise amenity choice for an investment property. If you’re in the market to buy an investment property, you already know the benefits. You can control the potential income, amortize... Read More

  • Follow Real Estate Market Trends with Brad Shoults

    It’s Worth What Someone Is Willing to Pay for ...

    This is one of the hardest lessons to learn, for both real estate agents and buyers and sellers: in a temperamental market, listing price doesn’t really matter. Some agents list Fort Walton,... Read More

  • Get your deck ready for summer with Brad Shoults' tips.

    How to Get Your Wood Deck Ready for Summer

    With school ending and temperatures rising, your thoughts may not go right to readying your home for summer. But once long summer days arrive, you’ll be ready for evening dinner parties... Read More

  • Best places to eat in Fort Walton

    Two Phenomenal French Eateries in Fort Walton Be...

    Part of finding a great home is proximity to great restaurants. When it comes to food, we've got you covered. Sure, you already know about the local dives and seafood shacks, but what about... Read More

  • Three Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

    Three Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Home’s...

    You already know bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. But how do you sell your home when you don’t have thousands of dollars to pour into a renovation?  The experts at Brad Shoults Real Estate share... Read More

  • Land for sale in Destin FL

    Trying to Find Waterfront Land in Destin?

    Whether you vacation in Destin or live here, you know the area has experienced skyrocketing popularity in recent years. For buyers, this means finding land to build your dream home is more of a... Read More

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