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Braving a Winter Home Sale

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jumbohouseWinter is known for a lot of things, the least of which may be the fact that it is the best season to list your home for sale in Destin. Yes, you read that right. We all know the standard school of thought – that as the weather cools, so do the home sales. In theory, this makes sense. After all, who really want to move in the middle of winter when the roads are slicks, the kids are in school and the holidays are right around the corner? 

Well, it may be time to ditch that way of thinking. In fact, just because winter does not sound like the most convenient time for a buyer to move, does not mean that it is not the best time for a seller to list. And, according to an article by, braving this winter could bode in your favor. 

The article goes on to say that Florida is ranked No. 2 behind California in jumbo volume for primary and secondary homes at Quicken Loans. suggests that these cold weather shoppers can be divided into three distinct groups – retirees moving south, out-of-state-residents shopping for an Emerald Coast vacation rental, and small business owners looking to take advantage of Florida’s business friendly environment. Regardless of the reason, one thing remains the same: Buyers are headed south this winter. 

Do you want to take advantage of this prospective pool of buyers? Contact a RE/MAX Southern agent today and find out what your home or condo could sell for this winter! 

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