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Buy Low, Sell High

Posted on November 13, 2013

iStock Sold-webBuy low and sell high. It’s a basic principle of making money, especially as a real estate investor. For those of you who bought a rock-bottom prices a few years ago, now might be the time to sell.

Even if you are not an ‘investor’ per say, now is a great time to sell your home if you would like to relocate, need a bigger place or just want to make a little money. For investors who have been renting Northwest Florida properties, now could very well be the time to cash in and get that big pay day. Conditions are right; prices are up, inventory is low and mortgage rates are low (but rising).

If you are an investor who thinks it may be time to decrease your inventory, call Brad Shoults Real Estate today. Not only can we help you sell your current homes, but perhaps even help you find that next housing flip!

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