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Posts in our real estate blog about residential leasing in NW Florida.

  • New Landlord Mistakes

    Around here, investing in Destin, Florida real estate is almost as common as going to the grocery store. The area is bustling with tourist traffic, military life and dozens of people looking to... Read More

  • Property Managers in Destin

    More often than not real estate agents in Destin, Florida end up managing a variety of properties that they have currently listed for sale. It seems like a win-win in most situations, except for... Read More

  • Landlord vs. Property Manager

    The advantages of owning rental properties in Destin are multi-fold: property appreciation and positive cash flow are just two of the many reasons to consider investing. As idealistic as that... Read More

  • New Listing in Destin: 607 Sea Oats

    Have you been on the hunt for a primary residence or investment property in Destin? If so, you are in luck! RE/MAX Southern Owner/Broker, Brad Shoults has recently listed a home in west Destin that... Read More

  • Leasing Special at Sibert Oaks in Destin!

    As you may already know, Sibert Oaks is a new commercial real estate development in Destin, Florida. But, if you're not ready to invest, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to... Read More

  • Join Us for an Open House in Destin!

    Are you on the fence, trying to decide whether you should rent or buy? Well, our friends at Southern Residential Leasing have some new listings that could help you decide and are hosting an Open... Read More

  • Things to Consider Before You Buy

    Renting allows you one luxury that buying does not and that's the ability to choose a place that meets your needs at the moment. Buying a home in Destin requires a bigger commitment, in a timely... Read More

  • Renting vs. Owning

    Are you at a pivotal point in your life, debating the age-old rent vs. buy scenario? If so, you probably already know that both can have their advantages. And while the decision is purely... Read More

  • Becoming a Landlord

    If you have been following housing reports, you already know that first-time home buyers are a declining group. It might even have you thinking that if fewer people are buying starter homes, then the... Read More

  • Before You Purchase a Rental Property

    Whether you are in the market to find your first home or your tenth, the decision to buy a real estate in Destin is a major financial and mental commitment. Credit scores, mortgages, down payments... Read More

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