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Cost-effective Home Staging

Posted on November 15, 2013

PatioWe’ve told you how staging your home can make your real estate sale more successful, but we understand you might be concerned about cost. Staging doesn’t have to be expensive, however.

The easiest, and most cost-effective, method of staging is to use what you have. If you are living in your home during the sales process, declutter. Take whatever you can live without and store it. That way buyers can see spaces setup but without a lot of personal decor to distract them. It will also make your move easier and quicker. If you’ve already moved out, leave what you can behind. Use your guest room furniture, which you probably won’t need right away, to stage the master bedroom. Upgrading your dining furniture for the new house? Use your old stuff to stage the house for sale.

Next, clean and polish! Taking the time to clean the details of your home, such as grout and baseboards, adds a polished look to the home and shows it has been well cared for. This applies to the outside of your home, as well. Rake the leaves and, perhaps, even add a little mulch to flowerbeds to give them a finished look.

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