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Dealing With Multiple Bidders

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iStock_000018477573Medium (2)It sounds like every seller’s dream come true – multiple offers. Well, yes and no. Multiple offers on your condo for sale in Crystal Beach can be a good thing, or it can get you stuck in the middle with no sale. To avoid that situation, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you find yourself dealing with multiple bidders: 

1. Be Upfront – You don’t need to reveal the terms and conditions with the other prospective buyers or agents, but you should be upfront with all parties that there are other offers on the table. 

2. Respond to Each Offer – In a competitive bid situation, buyers can become anxious and may even pull their offers. Let the buyers know when you will be making a decision and let them know promptly of that decision. Time is often a priority with multiple offers, so it is important to be ready to make decisions quickly. 

3. Keep Your Options Open – After you have decided on a bid, do not disclose the details of the winning offer to other buyers. You never know what might happen during the process, and you may end up with a failed first contract. You could potentially ask the other buyers if they would like their offers held as back-up bids. 

Whether you have multiple bidders interested in your piece of Destin real estate, or just one, our agents at RE/MAX Southern Realty can help you get the best possible deal. Just call 850.837.1880 to find out how.

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