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Destin Restaurants to Try this Winter!

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iStock_000014762518SmallSo, you have recently purchased real estate in Destin and are ready to explore your new hometown. Wondering where to start? With our awesome local restaurants, of course!

Because it’s February, and a little chilly out, you may want to wait a few weeks before hitting up the beach. But, because it’s February, our awesome restaurants aren’t quite as packed and now is a great time to try them without dealing with the long wait times you may encounter during the busy summer months.

If you are wondering which ones to try first, we recommend anything along the Destin harbor that has caught your eye. These are the Destin restaurants that fill up first. Our recommendations include Dewey Destin, a longtime local favorite, as well as Jackacuda’s in HarborWalk Village, and for some of the freshest fish and best sushi in the area, Harbor Docks.

Other area favorites include McGuire’s Irish Pub, which is a very good time indeed, as well as Pompano Joe’s in Miramar Beach, which offers an incredible beach view. A nice evening out can be found at Cuvee Bistro, as well as Vin’tij Wine Boutique and Marline Grill. Looking for something family-friendly? Check out LuLu’s Destin, located on Choctawhatchee Bay. There holiday events are not to be missed! 


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