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Easy Design Tactics to Impress Buyers

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The appearance of your Destin real estate will play a key role in selling your home fast. Splashy upgrades, such as decked our curb appeal, modern kitchens and new appliances, will certainly attract lookers, there is one simple, cost-effective change you can make today that will impact the feel of your home dramatically – paint!

That’s right, the colors of a home can without a doubt sway how someone feels about living in your Destin property for sale. The right colors will make a cramped space feel bigger, a drafty area feel warmer and a home generally more inviting to those looking to buy from you.

In fact, well thought out paint choices, those that take into account the light of the room, temperature, and plan for the fact that you don’t know your buyers tastes, will help them envision themselves, and their furniture, in the space. Our best tip? Keep things neutral! That doesn’t mean you have to paint the entire home taupe and beige, although when done right, those are excellent choices.

A little research on the impact of certain tones before painting will go along way. For example, blues have a serene feel, while greens tends to have a calming effect. Remember to keep colors light and airy. These tones are especially attractive here along the beach. You want your color choices to suggest a sense of comfort and sophistication. and leave your buyer dying to move in!

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