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Eco-Friendly Emerald Coast Homes

Posted on April 22, 2014

iStock_000018780863Small“Going green” is a popular phrase these days and chances are that you have heard about it. From reference to your daily habits to government initiatives, an eco-friendly lifestyle is emerging across the globe.

The popularity of this trend has even hit the Northwest Florida real estate market. Besides the common conscientious solutions of turning off your lights and being mindful of your water habits, there are a few other ways to “Go Green” at home.

The Emerald Coast’s warm summer season may be nice for days spent on the beach, but can take a toll on the utility bills. Of the renewable energy sources available, solar power remains the most viable option for most homes on Florida’s Gulf Coast. From Photovoltaic systems which generate electricity to solar hot water heating systems, there are multiple avenues you can explore when it comes to solar energy in your home. Not only will these systems cut down on utility bills, they remain strong resale components and attractive features for potential tenants.

Federal tax credits and rebates have added to the appeal of these eco-friendly systems. Through 2016 you can actually receive a credit for 30% of the cost, with no limit, of geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and solar water heaters.

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