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iStock_000018477573Medium-347x231‘Tis the season when it seems like most sellers seem to run and hide. Despite your marketing efforts and reputation, fall has always had a negative stigma when it comes to Northwest Florida real estate sales. The truth is that even in the winter months, sellers are out there, you just have to know where to look for them. 

So, where can you find these fearful sellers? Look to rental listing reports. Whether you search websites or stalk large companies, it is always good to know when lease cycles end. You can also look to last year’s expired and withdrawn listings. These sellers could have been impacted by market changes or perhaps are just disappointed with the offers, or lack of, that were available last season. Farming last year’s listings can be a great strategy for finding clients.

Lastly, think about finances. Since buying and selling real estate in Destin is one of the largest financial decisions you will make, it could be beneficial to explore opportunities to co-market with an accountant’s clients.

For more information about listings and how to sell your home, contact a RE/MAX Southern real estate agent today. 

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