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Five Social Media Pages Every Real Estate Buff Should Follow

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Social Media Tips for RealtorsIf you are a real estate agent, or simply obsessed with HGTV’s House Hunters and Fixer Upper, you know the challenges of navigating the real estate market. Buyer’s market, seller’s market, interest rates, down payments—numerous factors must be considered. Buying or selling a property is one of the most important transactions a person will make in his/her lifetime. That said, there are some amazing online tools to help you chart your course to real estate success.

Here are five social media pros you should be following, no matter where you are in the real estate game:

  1. If You Need a 360 Look at Everything Real Estate

If you haven’t already subscribed to Inman, do. This real estate site sends free emails about the latest trends in technology, marketing, home improvement, and lending. A typical email may include market strategy, a feature on the unusual habits of a successful realtor in Miami, and the latest tech trends to improve relationship building. Simply put, Inman covers all the bases.

  1. If You Want to Up Your Social Media Game

An L.A. based realtor, Lance Tuazon makes stunning collages of his listings on Instagram. Potential buyers get a sneak peak of the property, as well as a feel for the flow of the home. His Instagram account is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

  1. If You Sell Luxury Real Estate

Another Instagram to follow is Saunders & Associates.  This luxury real estate firm based in the Hamptons, New York gives a glimpse into the iconic real estate market of Sag Harbor. Their photos emphasize the Hamptons lifestyle as much as they emphasize the homes themselves. Followers are sold on a way of living, rather than a single property (although, trust us, they’re all gorgeous!)

  1. If You’re a House Flipper

Follow the husband and wife duo—no, not Chip and Joanna, but hey, follow them too—Bryan and Catherine on Instagram. Realtors, designers, and house flippers, the pair from Ohio will leave you eager for your next project with every photo. The amazing transformations alone are worth following. But, of course, you’ll also get a dose of business savvy insight.

  1. If You’re Ready to Mingle

Want to connect with other highly motivated realtors? Follow Real Estate Investing Events on Facebook. The Fortune Builders post daily blogs on advertising, networking, and best practices, plus they host an annual event. The 2016 conference in Las Vegas was one of the largest real estate conferences ever.

With your RE/MAX Southern team as home base, and these online tools from experts across the industry, get ready for a record-breaking year.



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