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Five Ways to Capitalize on Bad Weather during Your Open House

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Your RE/MAX Southern Realtor has scheduled an open house, and you’re anticipating a day of back-to-back showings. Then, lo and behold, rather than sunshine and blue skies, storm clouds have rolled in and the skies have opened up.

You’re wondering if you should cancel your open house, but don’t. Sure, bad weather presents challenges, but it also has some great advantages.

On the downside, wet shoes carry in dirt and debris, and your welcome mat has become a puddled mess. With careful execution, however, you can maintain the integrity of your home’s staging during a downpour by using these simple tips from the experts at RE/MAX Southern:

  1. Don’t cancel your open house on account of rain.

Serious buyers are going to show up regardless of weather. In fact, you’re likely to get more serious shoppers on bad weather days. These people are looking for a home and ready to make an offer. With the weather weeding out window shoppers, you have a better chance of going under contract.

  1. Keep booties on the front porch.

The easiest way to keep potential buyers from tracking in a mess is to offer cloth booties in a basket at the entry way. Be mindful of presentation though. You don’t want your guests to feel inconvenienced; quite the opposite, you want them to be aware this home has been cared for and carefully maintained. Consider a simple sign next to the booties that reads, “This could be your future home. We’ve provided booties so you can step into it thoughtfully.”

  1. Emphasize the structural integrity.

A rainstorm is a great chance to highlight your home’s roofing, gutters, and structural integrity. Potential buyers will see that your roofing doesn’t leak, gutters have been well maintained, and the lawn (if there is one) doesn’t incur runoff or flooding issues. If any of these issues, are present, however, discuss a plan of action with your realtor to address buyers’ concerns.

  1. Create a cozy setting.

Especially on a stormy day, potential buyers want to step into a home that feels like a refuge. Put a simmering pot of seasonal herbs and spices on the stove to create an inviting aroma, or use naturally scented candles. Then, turn on soft lighting, like side table lamps or lanterns, to create shadows that speak to a person’s primal desire for shelter. Speak to your buyer’s senses.

  1. Provide hot drinks.

Offer buyers hot tea or coffee. Don’t simply ask if they’d like some, have it poured and waiting.  This does three things. One, it creates a feeling of welcome. Two, it gives them reason to linger until they finish their drink (which also, gives them more time to explore and fall in love with the house). And three, it cements a positive association with warmth and the home.

For more tips on staging your home and marketing to potential buyers, contact the experts at RE/MAX Southern.





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