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Florida Homeowner’s Insurance vs. Flood Insurance

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floodWhile the Gulf Coast is used to a significant storm season, you may have discovered that the past week’s heavy rains left your home more than a little damaged and wet. Now the question becomes, “Does my insurance policy cover this loss?” This depends not only on how the water entered your home, but the type of insurance policy you chose.

There are two basic Florida homeowner’s insurance policies that cover water damage. The first is flood insurance. As the name implies, a standard flood insurance policy provides coverage for damage caused by floods. This can include a river that has overflown or heavy rains that cannot be absorbed faster than they fall. 

If you opt for homeowner’s insurance to protect your Emerald Coast real estate investment it is important that you are aware that this policy does not cover flood damage. It does however, cover water damage, which includes heavy rains that soak through the rough and broken pipes that spew through you home.

The difference between the two may sound negligible, but noting the distinctions now could have a huge impact on your home and your savings account when disaster strikes. 

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