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For Sale Do’s and Don’ts – Christmas Decor

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ChristmashouseFor many buyers and sellers, December is still an active real estate market. Serious buyers will shop for homes regardless of the season and motivated sellers will take advantage of a less competitive market. But listing a home in December begs one question that sellers do not have to deal with any other time of year. That is, should we decorate for the holidays, or skip it entirely?

Prepping a home for sale is a dilemma as it is – do we take down photos, or put away treasured items? The list goes on, but the same is true for holiday decor. Some believe that stockings and trees help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but others stand firm in a less is more attitude. 

To be honest, it is impossible to define what would inoffensive to every person in every Northwest Florida real estate market. The best approach is to be mindful of who your potential buyer is and how your home shows with decorations. 

For most homes, showing in a neutral light is the best strategy. The more neutral, the more marketable. The same is true for holiday decor, understated is better but this does not mean you shouldn’t decorate. 

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