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Fort Walton Beach Ranked as Most Livable City

Posted on June 3, 2015

Ftt Walton Beach

If you are considering buying a home on the Gulf Coast, we highly suggest you consider real estate in Fort Walton Beach, especially if this will be your primary residence. Why are we so insistent? It’s just been named to the national ‘Most Livable Cities’ list!

Fort Walton Beach is a wonderful place to call home. Trust us, we actually call it home! The city was ranked 83rd on the list and was noted for its great live-work-play atmosphere. We couldn’t agree more.

There is more to do than just work and go home when you live on the Emerald Coast. While tourist can be a annoyance on occasion, their presence also draws many events, attractions and restaurants to the area, many of which offer great locals deals, especially in the off-season.

Fort Walton Beach is also a great place to consider purchasing a Gulf Coast investment property. That same small town feel, as well as the beaches, draw many to our area, making an Okaloosa Island condo a great investment. Or, especially with our great schools and military presence, a long-term rental in town is another great investment option.

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