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20160406155237694628000000-oIf you are considering buying real estate in the area, then this home for sale in Destin is a must-see! This historic home was once owned by the Staff sisters of Fort Walton before being moved to Destin. Built in 1906, this home is surrounded by a huge private yard and some of the most beautiful and oldest oak trees in the area. Located directly on the water, this home features a traditional Southern back porch that offers wonderful views of the sparkling waters of the bay. The home also features a balcony, perfect for enjoying the sun on a warm Florida afternoon. A standing reminder of the good old days, this home was built with the highest standards in mind and was meant to last the test of time.

Three bedrooms and one bathroom are offered in this charming 1,136 square foot home. Hardwood floors are featured throughout every room in the house, giving it a vintage feel and “Old Florida” ambiance. If you love the look and impression of historic architecture, then this home for sale in Destin is the perfect opportunity for you to own a piece of the past! Located in the Moreno Point neighborhood, this waterfront home offers the nostalgia and happiness of a simpler time. If you are considering buying real estate and enjoy the rich history of the area, call now to schedule showing of this amazing home for sale in Destin today!

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