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Home Improvement Projects Under $25

Posted on September 9, 2014

repairsMost homeowners want to do two things: reduce the cost of repairs and upgrades, and protect the value of their home. What may seem like an impossible feat is now accomplishable thanks to So, to repair your piece of Emerald Coast real estate for under $25 and prevent future costs consider doing the following:

Look for damage from termites and ants. Florida’s warmer climate attracts subterranean colonies which can contain thousands of termites ready to eat away at your home’s foundation. It is critical to check your property regularly and remove debris to avoid damage and save money in future repairs.

Re-grout, caulk and seal bathroom tile. One of the most commons places for water damage to arise in your bathroom and when the grout breaks, water can more easily shake tiles and toilets loose. The easiest solution is to caulk your bathroom and its surrounding features regularly.

Do not forget about your gutters. While on the subject of rain, do not neglect the state of your gutters. If you see signs of a stain, overgrown vegetation or debris, act quickly to avoid potentially structural and costly repairs in the future.

Even the real estate in Destin faces its seasonal challenges, but if you stay on top of the small things now it can help you avoid the large headaches (and bills) later.

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