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for saleIf you are trying to sell a home in Panama City Beach, or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, there are a few facts that can help you increase your potential and speed up the process. Here are five pieces of advice from our professional realtors to help get your house sold!

Overpricing your home doesn’t help you; it just helps your competition sell their home quicker. If a buyer is qualified for a certain amount and sees a home that is comparable to yours, but at a lesser price, then they will think that house must be a deal! Also, keep in mind that buyers do their research and can see several home prices easily.

A clean home and well-kept yard can add thousands to your home’s value. Make sure your house is sparkling clean, free of clutter, and keep the grass cut. You might want to consider investing in a professional cleaning and lawn care service to make sure your home makes a great first impression.

Be available and keep communication open. Selling a home can be inconvenient at times. Not replying to an email or a voicemail for days can cause you to lose a potential buyer.

Use a real estate agent. This should be obvious, but it’s best to use a professional real estate agent from day one. We know the market and can make sure the process goes smoothly. If you are looking to sell a home in Panama City Beach, or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, call us today!

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