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Home Selling Myths

Posted on August 29, 2014

for saleThe process of buying and selling a home can seem like an impossible feat to many novices. Between applications and offers, it is no wonder that first-time buyers and sellers remain uncertain about some of the key factors.

If you are listing your home for sale in Destin, price is likely the first thing that will cross your mind. You may think that a seller determines the price, but your home’s sales price is the result of many factors such as, size, location, current market conditions and the condition of your home among many other factors.

Speaking of price, you should not overprice the house in order to leave room for negotiation. Overpriced homes actually take longer to sell and limit your potential buying pool.

Going back to the current condition of your home, you should know that home improvements do not always pay for themselves. Because few things offer a 100% return on investment, you should get an expert opinion on what to fix and how to fix it before you start tearing down walls.

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