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for saleIt is always best to work with a devoted real estate agent when you are trying to sell your home. There is market knowledge that can help you get the most money for your home, make the selling process less stressful, and cut down on the time your house is on the market. If you are selling a home and need a real estate agent in Niceville or surrounding areas, then contact us now so we can help you with the process. Until then, we have put together a few tips:

Curb appeal! A few flowers and some fresh paint can make a world of difference. Make sure the yard and driveway look great, so you make a good first impression.

Stage the house. Keep rooms clean and free of clutter. You might want to hire a cleaning service for an extra deep clean of the floors, wall, fans, blinds, ceilings, etc. Also, keep the rooms looking as inviting as possible.

Make sure the price is right. Your home will see the most action within the first month that it is on the market; make sure your asking price is in the right range so it can sell fast.

Make sure your listing is marketed. Having your house on all of the online portals is crucial to the selling process. Don’t expect just a sign in the yard or a newspaper ad to do the trick. These days, an online presence is a must. Also, most people want to see the house before they actually visit, so make sure you have great photos.

Selling a house in Niceville doesn’t have to be hard. If you need help marketing your home and are looking for a real estate agent in Niceville, or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, contact us today and we will guide you every step of the way!

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