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How To Decide Between Multiple Offers

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for saleMultiple offers. This is every seller’s dream and every listing Destin real estate agent’s pitch. Now the question becomes, which one do you chose? 

You have to weigh your options and you can start by doing the math. This goes beyond the dollar difference. Factor in closing costs, fees, potential repairs and then determine what the net walk away with each offer. Speaking of closing costs, don’t neglect to look at the closing timeline. You’ll want a closing date that best meets your needs. 

Financing is another thing to take into consideration. Look to your agent to help verify the buyer’s funds are available to back the offer. 

Lastly, motivation. Oddly enough, you can usually assume buyers with more motivation (new job, new baby, etc.) are less likely to press for concessions and more likely to seal a deal. 

Weighing the pros and cons of each offer can be tricky. Learn more about how our Destin RE/MAX agents can help you find the best deal!

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