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How to Get Your Wood Deck Ready for Summer

Posted on May 25, 2017

Get your deck ready for summer with Brad Shoults' tips.

With school ending and temperatures rising, your thoughts may not go right to readying your home for summer. But once long summer days arrive, you’ll be ready for evening dinner parties outside. With our expert tips on getting your deck ready for summer from Realtor Brad Shoults, you’ll be ready to host weeknight gatherings and weekend barbecues all season long.

Step 1: Clean

Following the blustery days of fall and subsequent spring showers, your deck needs some tender love and care. Start by clearing away leaves and debris.

Clean your deck with an oxygen-based cleaner like Penofin’s rather than bleach. According to Fox News, Penofin uses hydrogen peroxide and soda ash to clean and lighten the wood, getting rid of that “weathered gray look.” Plus, it busts through mildew and mold, whereas bleach can’t.

Because mold and mildew are vegetative growths, bleach won’t get rid of their roots. While the deck will look clean, the roots (also known as spores) are still present within the wood and waiting to regrow. Not to mention, chlorine bleach damages healthy wood, corrodes nails and fasteners, and my also harm surrounding plants.

Step 2: Seal

After you’ve cleaned the deck, you’re ready to seal it. You’ll need sealer, painter’s tape, a paint brush or roller, and two days of rain-free weather.

Choose a sealer based on the type of wood. As a general rule, DIY Network points out, “the more opaque the sealer, the better its weather and wear-fighting abilities.” Lighter sealers let you see more of the wood’s natural grain, but offer less protection. For a semi-transparent sealer, you can choose a blue, gray, brown, black, green, or red stain.

Make sure the deck is clear of debris or sand, and apply painter’s tape to any surfaces you want to protect. Brush or roll the sealer onto the deck, making sure to cover any fasteners and joints. While the roller allows you to apply sealer more quickly, you may need to go over certain areas with the brush to ensure you get into the grain of the wood and have even coverage.

Wait 48 hours before allowing traffic on your deck. Then, pull out the patio table, umbrella, and let the summer parties begin! If you don’t have a deck, but are in the market for a home with a great outdoor entertaining space, search for homes with Brad Shoults today!



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