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How to Stay Competitive in a Bidding War

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jumbohouseHave you finally found that perfect gulf front condo for sale in Destin? There’s only one problem – someone else thinks that it is perfect too. What are you supposed to do when there are multiple offers on the table and you find yourself caught in the middle of a heated bidding war? Don’t just cross your fingers and hope that everything pans out in your favor. Take action!

Here are a few strategies that could work out in your favor should a bidding war arise.

First, be prepared to act quickly. Both you and your agent should be monitoring the market and researching newly posted homes and recently sold homes in the area. This is wise to do should you want to make an offer on the spot. 

If you are preparing to act quickly, don’t be shy. There isn’t always a lot of cash separating the top bid from the closest contender which is always great to keep in mind going into a bidding war. The important thing to remember is to not get carried away. 

Lastly, remember to help the seller out. Do whatever you can (within reason, of course) to make the decision easier for the seller. This includes everything from flexibility with closing dates and moving plans to describing the attachment you already feel to their home. 

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