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Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

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Tax FlyerAs the Gulf Coast continues to dry out from an unusually wet spring, the last thing anyone wants to think about is more rain. That said, June 1 marked the beginning of hurricane season and there really is no better time than now to prepare your Northwest Florida real estate for severe weather. 

This season, the government is rewarding residents who plan ahead with a tax break. Items related to hurricane preparedness are exempt from the standard sales tax from now until June 8. This includes everything from flashlights and batteries to generators and gas containers. If you stock up on these items now, money will not be the only thing that you save, but stress in the event of a storm. 

It is important to remember that items must be related to hurricane preparedness in order to qualify. The sales tax holiday is supposed to encourage residents to prepare their properties and families now for potential disaster later. The tax does not apply to entertainment, rental repair and public lodging among many other things. Keep this in mind as you shop. 

Our Hurricane Safety Guide at outlines further how to prepare your home and family for a storm. 

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