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Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season

Posted on March 7, 2014

hurricane_iconAs we approach the beginning of summer, it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to sunny days spent on the beaches of the Emerald Coast. Even so with warmer seasons closing in, it is time to start thinking ahead, and not just about vacation days.

In spirit of National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, what better time to start learning how to prepare your home for storm season? Hurricane season officially begins June 1 which allots more than enough time for you to finish up those major home repairs and start prepping your property.

If you own a home in Northwest Florida, there are some relatively simple and cost effective solutions to help protect your property in the event of severe weather.

Installing hurricane shutters remains the most economical solution to prevent windows from opening during a storm. If hurricane shutters are not an option, prepare ahead of time with panels and plywood. The ultimate goal is to make sure your home is sealed and secured when severe weather strikes.

Learn what your options are in obtaining flood insurance. Most policies have a time clause before they go into effect and you need time to choose a plan that makes sense for your property.

Remember, the better prepared your property is now, the less you have to scramble later. Continue thinking ahead with our hurricane safety guide at


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