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Items Every New Homeowner Needs

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paintersYou’ve just signed on the dotted line and purchased real estate in Destin. Congrats on your new home, we are so glad we could help. But, now you own a home and there are items you are going to want, and need, to own.

Your head is probably spinning with paint colors and the ideal window shades. But there are definitely some practical items you will want to pick up while you are out gathering those things.

The first item? Tools! A hammer for hanging that new artwork, screwdrivers and maybe even an all-in-one tool kit will all come in handy.The next items are for safety. A fire extinguisher is a must in your kitchen and an extension cord organizer may keep you from running to the kitchen to grab it.

A emergency preparedness kit, with items like batteries, a flashlight and first aid, are also items you won’t want, or maybe even be able, to run out and get when the need strikes. Yard tools, cleaning supplies and odd items such as a ladder, are also items you will want to consider picking up now that maintenance and care, in addition to decor, are on you. Oh, and if these items don’t sound like fun or anything you want to buy, drop hints to family who want to help out and celebrate your new Destin real estate purchase.

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