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Know Before You Buy

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iStock_000018477573Medium-347x231If you currently reside in a long term rental in Destin, but find yourself ready to take the plunge into home ownership, then keep reading! We have outlined a few things you need to consider as you begin the process of purchasing your first place. 

1. Growth Possibilities. As a renter, you have the luxury of choosing a place that meets your needs at the moment, with no real long term commitment. If you are buying, keep in mind the potential life changes that could impact your need for bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage down the road.

2. Home Condition. Let’s be honest, your first home isn’t likely to be perfect, but the basics should be in good condition which brings us to the importance of home inspections. It is important to hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your home before any purchase is made.

3. Costs of Ownership. No, we are not just talking about your mortgage payment. When you buy a home, you take on recurring costs that you don’t necessarily have to worry about as a renter. Calculate in utilities, HOA fees, taxes etc. into your budget before you start shopping. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! A good Northwest Florida real estate agent at RE/MAX Southern can help you through every step of the way.

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