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LuLu’s Bay Bash Weekend Concert Series

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Lulu's Bay BashAre you looking for reasons to purchase a new home in Destin? LuLu’s Bay Bash Weekend Concert Series is one event that proves you should.

LuLu’s is a restaurant in Destin our locals and visitors love. It is located on the foot of the Mid-Bay Bridge next to Legendary Marina in Destin. The restaurant is located right on the water, so it has a spectacular view of Choctawhatchee Bay and allows visitors to arrive by car or by boat. That’s right, you can anchor your boat to enjoy a delicious meal and then continue your day on the water.

Going to LuLu’s is already a treat, but this summer they have even more fun to offer! The restaurant has scheduled live music to play during the weekend all summer. The concerts happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to around 4 PM. Bands including Hotel Oscar, Albert Simpson, Boukou Groove and The Sandbox are all expected to play at the Bay Bar.

Your kids will love LuLu’s because of all the activities they have available. The restaurant features paddle board and kayak rentals, hair wraps and even a caricature artist. They have recently added a new feature, a bungee and trampoline jumper called the Jellyfish Jumper. During the weekend concert series you are able to enjoy family time in the sun, relaxing to great music and participating in each of these activities.

Visit LuLu’s Bay Bash Weekend Concert Series and experience one of many reasons why purchasing real estate in Destin is right for you.

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