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Making the Big Move

Posted on September 6, 2013

handing-over-the-keysCongratulations! You’ve found the perfect piece of real state on the Gulf Coast for you and your family and been handed the keys. Now comes the fun part – moving.

Packing up a household and moving is without a doubt one of the most stressful things in life. Not only are you concerned about your belongings getting lost or broken, but you have to figure out how to keep your family happy for a few days on just the basics. So, how can you make it easier? First, purge! While packing you will come across many items you have not seen or used in months or even years. If it doesn’t hold sentimental value to you, donate the item or junk it altogether. Next, pack boxes according to person and designate an area within the new house for each persons stuff to settle before it is put away. This way when you hear “Mom, where’s my …?”, you can send them directly to their room or area.

While keeping the family organized and happy is a must in order to stay sane, you will also want to protect your belongings. If making a long-distance move to Northwest Florida, consider hiring professional movers and insuring important items before they make the journey.

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