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Millennial Homebuyer Tips

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for saleThroughout history, most generation’s average person bought a home in their late 20s to early 30s. That was when people tended to stick to their ‘roots’ and wished to start a life where they grew up. Home ownership afforded this lifestyle then, but does the same status of real estate apply to the markets newest members? 

Millennials are often categorized as free spirits. This group wants options. Be it for travel, work or a desire to settle down, let us not rule out the desire to own home on the Emerald Coast just yet. 

This generation has witnessed everything from real estate market boom to bust. There is no doubt that the horror stories of home ownership could factor in on their current opinions. Negative feedback and statistics that indicate market fluctuation should not be deciding factors. 

It is important never to assume anything in real estate. For instance, just because you do not have 20% of the down payment, does not mean you cannot afford to buy a home. Mortgage brokers, bankers and lenders offer a variety of loan options that enable first-time buyers to purchase a home with as little as 5% down. 

If you have a down payment saved and can afford a monthly payment, owning real estate in Florida is completely logical. Just remember to take your time and seek out advice from the help of a experienced RE/MAX agent. 

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