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Millennials vs Baby Boomers in the Housing Market

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houseThe key to any successful real estate transaction rests in the hands of the right real estate agent. Often the “right” ones are those who have not only listened to what a homebuyer is after, but those who fully understand how to serve each individual buyer. The struggle lies in the ability to distinguish these buyers from the pack.

When you think of homebuyers as a whole, a variety of categories can come to mind. From first-timers to investment gurus, as an agent you have learned how to cater to each. That said, the housing market, Destin, FL real estate included, has reached a point where targeting may not be based upon experience, but rather age. 

As millennials continue to enter the market, baby boomers remain and these two sets of homebuyers can have very different wants. What do they want? Zillow breaks down everything from location and style to amenities. In a nutshell, millennials are in pursuit of practicality while boomers find themselves in a vacation frame of mind, in search of a private retreat. While the minor details vary, both age groups want “clean, shiny and move-in ready homes.”

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