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Open House Tips

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house11Long gone are the days of sticking a sign in the lawn with a few balloons to draw in potential homebuyers. Events seem to be the hottest thing to sell real estate in Destin these days – and the swankier, the better. The question now though, is offering wine at these open houses a step in the wrong direction?

Well, this just depends, but if it sounds like something you want to do, be sure to make your open house invite-only. Highlight a new listing’s view with invitation-only cocktail parties, but keep it supervised.

Speaking of supervision, establish a limit and offer up drink tickets. (On a side note, pairing drink tickets with a registration is a great way to capture a prospect’s information for feedback).

Still skeptic of serving alcohol at an open house, but want to guarantee a way for people to stay and imagine themselves living there? You could always use a third party vendor so that they absorb the liability. This might be the safest way to avoid any tampering with the law. When it comes to alcohol the rules vary from state to state, so remember to do your research!

For more tips on how to host an open house or sell a home with ease, contact a RE/MAX Southern agent today.

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