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Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Posted on March 11, 2016

MH900442233It seems as if just about everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent in Destin. For something as important as buying or selling your home, how do you choose the best person for the job? Here are three suggestions to help you make a decision.

Pay attention to For Sale signs in your neighborhood. Do one or two agents stand out? If so, they are likely the experts in your neighborhood.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors who they might recommend. Remember, real estate knowledge is local. So, it is to your advantage to find an agent with intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods you are interested in.

Take the time to interview at least three agents. Look for a demonstrated knowledge about your neighborhood. Also, go with your gut feeling about whether or not you feel comfortable with this person. Buying or selling a home is a big event in your life and involves the most expensive thing you own, you want to work with someone you trust implicitly.

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