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Prepare for the Cold

Posted on January 7, 2014

MH900285788The atypical temperatures currently being experienced along the Gulf Coast of Florida are not just difficult on you, they can be problematic for your Northwest Florida real estate.

Take precautions against the biting chill in and around your home this week. Walk your property and pick up any loose debris as winds are expected to be high. While you’re outside braving the temps, secure any exterior access points on your home, such as those to a crawl space. Also, detach your water hoses and let faucets drip. If your outside pipes are exposed properly insult them.

Back inside, walk your home and make sure that all windows and exterior doors are firmly shut. The heat is the next thing you will want to check. Make sure it is on, working properly and set to at least 72 degrees. Before bed, open all kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow heated air to circulate around those pipes.

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