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Property Managers in Destin

Posted on July 22, 2016

More often than not real estate agents in Destin, Florida end up managing a variety of properties that they have currently listed for sale. It seems like a win-win in most situations, except for the fact that it’s not. Much more goes into the theory of “we can rent your property out to generate income until it sells and that way I can keep the client/listing” mentality.

Can you get it rented? Do you have time to handle tenant requests, maintenance, financial disbursements, the whole nine yards? It takes effort to manage a property and sell real estate. Think – Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s where our friends at Southern Residential Leasing can help.

Local property managers in Destin, Florida, these experts can help handle the day-to-day and will pay you to do just that. $500 for each referred property* and a pay-it-forward promise, which guarantees that every client referred will be sent back to you. They have systems in place to notify the realtor within 90 days of lease expiration. Not only that, but they will help schedule showings and prepare the property so that it is move-in ready.

Long story short, refer your clients to Southern Residential Leasing and not only will you have a happy owner, but a guarantee that they’ll come back to you. Learn more about Southern’s realtor referral program at

*All checks made payable to broker once the property is rented. Multi-property referral restrictions may apply.

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