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Real Estate Needs vs. Wants

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Picture1 (2)“You can’t always get what you want,” is a phrase that most Rolling Stones fans are familiar with but one that doesn’t always resonate so well with prospective homebuyers.

When you are shopping the real estate section for homes for sale in Destin, it is hard to separate your needs from your wants. Things get tricky because there is so much emotion involved with buying your “dream” home. However, it is both financially and mentally beneficial to distinguish between the two before you begin your search.

To help, our Northwest Florida real estate agents have three questions to ask that will help you separate your needs from your wants.

Number one: Can you live with out it? Stainless steel appliances, most likely; an additional bedroom, probably not. Number two: Can the feature be added later? Neighborhoods can’t be changed, but patios and hardwood floors can be added later. Number three: what does you agent think? He or she can add a dose of objectivity to your decision making process. 

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