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Repairing Your Lawn After a Flood

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springIf you have recently purchased a home on the Gulf Coast or have been preparing to sell your property, the heavy rains and recent flooding have not been the most welcome guests. This is especially true if you have just invested time and money into enhance your curb appeal.

Even short-term flooding has the potential to cause a lawn significant damage and while many of our subtropical plants can weather this wet weather, a little TLC may be in order to bring your lawn back to life.

Most lawns can survive submersion for up to four days. Once the floodwater recedes and your yard has had a chance to dry out, you will want to remove as much silt as possible. You can do this with a garden hose or rake. In the meantime, avoid walking on any soggy soil as this can further damage your lawn. Floods have a tendency to wash away the nutrients in your soil and your best bet to further restore your lawn is centered on aeration and fertilizer.

It may be a slow process to fully recover from the effects of the Gulf Coast flood, but a well-manicured lawn can make all the difference when it comes to Northwest Florida real estate that sells and real estate that sits. 

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