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Seller’s Market Mistakes

Posted on December 11, 2013

iStock Sold-webIf you’re trying to buy a home in Northwest Florida then you have quickly realized we are currently in a “seller’s market”. This means demand is high, inventory is low and you are facing a lot of competition.

Buying a home in this type of market is not impossible, you just have to have a plan, stick with it and be ready to move on Gulf Coast real estate you love. First, have your financing in place and ready to go. If you fall in love with something, you need to be able to confidently submit an offer and quickly. Next, know your wants, needs and dealbreakers. Looking at homes can be an long,emotional process. Knowing what you want, and don’t, will make it easier to keep moving and keep looking. It will also allow your agent at Brad Shoults Real Estate to quickly get you into homes that fit your qualifications.

Lastly, be prepared to go through a several-offer process. Multiple bids on homes are not uncommon. Even if there are no other offers on the home, the seller will more than likely counter your inital offer, unless you offer asking price. For more tips on buying in a seller’s marketing, contact us today!

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