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Selling a Haunted House?

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GhostIn spirit of Halloween, do you dare disclose the spooky nature that haunts your Northwest Florida real estate listing? Perhaps there was a murder, or a previously controversial owner or even a well publicized ghost… do not despair, the National Association of Realtors has created a guide to help deal with such stigmatized properties. 

According to their Haunted Real Estate Survey, forty-one percent of respondents claimed they would buy a place with reported ghost sightings. Thirty-six percent would not even object to a home with levitating objects, but what does this mean for the value of your home?

Well,’s survey reports fifteen percent of people would pay full market value for a home with paranormal activity, but nineteen percent would take a thirty-one to fifty percent discount (who can blame them?).

The complete Field Guide to Dealing with Stigmatized Properties can be found online on the National Association of Realtors website. In the meantime, we recommend you stick to the collection of Haunted Houses in place specifically for Halloween. 

We wish you all a safe, spook and Happy Halloween! 

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