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Small Space Living Solutions

Posted on March 19, 2014

MH900430559Let us assume this is your first time renting your own space. Living in general is expensive, even more so when you find yourself starting out. What makes it more painful is the fact that your budget may only allow for a small space.

After sacrificing that much-needed extra storage space, we are left asking ourselves, how can I maximize my small living space?

Aside from prioritizing your “need to haves,”  it is time to get creative with storage. Micro-living means searching for multi-functional furniture. A futon that doubles as bed will give you more floor space than you bargained for. Additionally, a nightstand with drawers is great when it comes to storing your seasonal clothing. At this point, you are probably utilizing every bit of square footage your new rental has to offer. It is time to start looking vertically. Yes, we mean shelving and drawers, just because your bed sits in the corner does not necessarily mean that that is all you can fit there.

We know you want your rental to feel like a home, but downsizing does not have to be as rough as your imagined. To find a home, which does not require you sacrifice everything, visit

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