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Smart Home Features Buyers Want

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Light Bulb-Switch croppedIf you are updating your home or rental investment, our real estate agents in Panama City Beach have noticed a few trends lately that may help you add value to your home. A large percentage of homeowners are adding new technologies to their homes. In today’s market, new technologies are a large selling point.

The most popular technological advancement is with home security systems. You can install fire and gas alarms, and even remote camera systems, that can all be controlled from a smartphone. You can even stream live footage of the inside and outside of your home!

The second most popular installments have to do with comfort. Updated heating and cooling systems, window and light control, and energy saving features are trending right now. While smartphone controls are great, voice control options were a favorite in the comfort category.

Smart entertainment renovations are really taking off as well. Most improvements involve installing video streaming services, music streaming, smart televisions, and high-tech speaker systems. Entertainment and technology go hand in hand, and buyers want the most recent systems available.

If you are considering selling your home, you might want to look into making some upgrades to be able to keep up with the local competition. Our real estate agents in Panama City are happy to help you make the process of selling or buying a home less stressful. Call us today with any questions! We would be happy to discuss your options.

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