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Southern on House Hunters!

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KQqt1l04wxo.market_maxresFor those of you who watch HGTV’s “House Hunters” series, it will come as no surprise that the Destin area is “hot commodity” and burgeoning Florida real estate market. Couples from all over the world are looking to buy a primary residence or vacation rental in Destin, Florida. 

And while all may not broadcast their search, one couple has and they have chosen our very own Destin Lowery to help them find that perfect place at the beach. Lowery has become a House Hunters regular, this marking her third appearance on the show and spiraling into two additional episodes of “House Hunters: Where Are They Now?”

This episode however, was just a little different as it featured another member of the Southern family. Airing this past Wednesday, Destin Lowery helped Southern Vacation Rentals’ General Manager, Chad Blankenship and his family find the perfect place to settle down and call home. 

Like Destin, Chad has been a valued employee of the Southern family of companies for years. He manages different aspects of Southern’s vacation rental property management program, overseeing growth and development from Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Panama City Beach. 

We are so proud of the two and their outstanding representation of our area. If you missed the official air-date, be sure to catch the next run of House Hunters Destin! 

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