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Southern Pays for Realtor Referrals

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RealtorRefferalInfoAs a real estate agent, you are probably asked a variety of things than can help a prospective buyer feel more at home in a new town. These can range from the general questions of rates and mortgages to the specific details of a home’s hidden secrets and proximity to area attractions. While some questions are easier to answer than others, our property managers at Southern Vacation Rentals and Southern Residential Leasing will pay you to answer some of the tougher ones. 

What are these questions? Well, if you have a client who has decided to invest in a vacation rental in Destin or even a long term rental in Crestview, our property managers will pay you up to $2,500 for your recommendation should your client join one of their programs. 

Go Southern is a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to maximizing rental revenue for your clients. While the bonus is incentive, the company ought to be referred based off of merit as well. Years of experiences coupled with personal dedication and commitment make them a smart choice for your investors. 

So the next time a client asks about a property management service in the area, send them Southern’s way. Once occupied, not only will they reward you for your loyalty, but they will return the favor and return the referral should the owner decide to sell. 

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