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Southern’s Realtor Referral Program

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iStock_000020499093Medium-347x459Southern Residential Leasing is excited to announce we have reorganized our Realtor Referral Program to include additional benefits to realtors and the clients they refer to the program. We are putting more emphasis on the pay it forward promise of the referral program by implementing a system that notifies realtors 90 days before a client’s lease is going to expire, which gives them the opportunity to reach out to the client and maintain that relationship. This feature is in addition to the $500 bonus each realtor receives when they refer one of their clients to the program.

In some situations, it is in the client’s best interest to wait awhile before they try selling a property, or perhaps they recently invested in a rental property and they need a property manager. Now, realtors can refer these types of clients to our Realtor Referral Program and not only receive the $500 incentive, but also know that the client will be working with a property manager in Northwest Florida that will provide a quality experience. Realtors can be confident that the relationship they have with their client will be maintained and the home will be managed properly. Once the client is ready to sell again, we refer the client back to you.

The Realtor Referral Program is a great way for realtors to work with the Southern property managers to ensure that the customer’s needs always come first.  If you are a realtor and have clients that need a property manager in Northwest Florida, contact us today to participate in the Realtor Referral Program.

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