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Southern’s Vacation Rental Management Program

Posted on June 1, 2016

So, you have purchased real estate on Okaloosa Island or in Destin. You plan to use the property as an investment and think it’s a perfect vacation rental candidate. Great! Now you just need a property management company to help make it a success.

Good news! You won’t have to look far to find a locally owned and operated vacation rental property management company with over twenty years experience along the Gulf Coast. Southern Vacation Rentals is one of the most successful condo and beach home management providers in Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama.

You might be thinking that this is the same, or similar, sales pitch you’ve heard from other companies along the beach. And, it may be, but there are several factors that set Southern apart, namely, our team and dedication to service.

As General Manager Richard Lamar states in the video above, Southern is never afraid to try something different and we have the experienced team to back it up. For example, Southern doesn’t just assign you a property manager. We dedicate two managers to your property, each who specialize and focus on separate factors of success.

First, the Owner Relations Manager focuses on the financial success and driving revenue in your rental. They analysis the market to ensure they set the most competitive rates for your rental and then monitor it to ensure bookings roll in. The Property Condition Manager is field-based and solely concerned with the care and details of your investment, managing housekeeping and maintenance, as needed.

Intrigued? Call Southern Vacation Rentals to speak to their team today about how they can make your latest purchase of beachfront real estate in Northwest Florida a success!


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