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Stage for Success

Posted on August 21, 2013


Thanks to the range of home improvement and sales shows out there, ideas such as staging your home are nothing new. That doesn’t make it any less effective. In the Gulf Coast real estate market or any other, staging makes a difference.

Everyone says staging a home will sell it more quickly but you may be wondering why this is. First, it makes the house feel like a home and allows buyers to envision themselves living in it. Think of it as interior curb appeal. The more welcoming a house feels, inside and out, the more people will want to be there. Also, furniture provides scale. It allows buyers to get an idea of the usable space in a room and judge if their furniture will fit. Or, perhaps decide that the space is so great it deserves new furniture!

So, what rooms should you stage? Start with the entry and key living spaces. The entryway is the first thing buyers will see, so stage it to make a great impression. Next, concentrate on the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Whether you use your furniture, rent furniture or try the popular cardboard option, staging your home will surely help make your sale more successful.

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