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How to Stage Your Home for Sale in Fall

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house11If you are selling real estate in Fort Walton Beach, or anywhere in the U.S, it’s no secret that you should be staging your home to be as attractive as possible. Of course, this means keeping the home clean, finishing any home improvement projects, and doing minor repairs. However, there are also small things you can do to make your home more appealing. Small changes can make a big impact and you should also keep the season in mind. We have a few tips to help stage your home for fall.

Keep decorations minimal. The fall and winter months mean it’s time for the holidays. It’s ok to have a tasteful wreath or Christmas tree but keep over the top decorations in storage for this year. You don’t want buyers to be too distracted by decorations.

Maintain the yard. As the weather gets cooler that means leaves will begin to fall. It’s important that your yard is well-kept because the yard is what makes the first impression. Keep the grass cut and consider adding some colorful plants to add some color.

Keep it light. The sun is not as bright during the fall months, so make sure you keep your house well it for a welcoming feel. Scented candles can be a nice addition, in moderation.

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