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The Blessing of the Fleet in Destin

Posted on May 3, 2016

Blessing PlatformDestin is an old little town, full of traditions based on its past, mainly its history as a lucky little fishing village. If you are new to the Emerald Coast, and especially if you have just purchased real estate in Destin, we encourage you to head out to experience Blessing Week.

As the summer season, a time crucial to the livelihood of so many locals, gets ready to kick off around Memorial Day, locals look for a little bit of extra luck in the form of Blessing Week. This is a time when we bless not only our fishing fleet, but also area families, the ailing, first responders and the marketplace, or local businesses.

This tradition isn’t based in any one faith. In fact, it’s based in many, as area pastors from most of the local churches will participate. There is Community Prayer Day, which blesses nursing homes, school, our fire departments and more. Local business owners and area leaders will also gather one day for the Blessing of the Marketplace. One of the biggest events, however, is the Blessing of the Fleet down along the docks, which takes place on Thursday at 4PM.

We highly encourage you to attend one or all of these events, which are open to the public. No matter your religious preferences, these are fun events attended by many and unofficially marks the kickoff to our summer tourism season. And, if you will be attending the Blessing of the Fleet, take our advice and stick around for the delicious fish fry afterwards. See you there!

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