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The Real Estate Edge

Posted on July 17, 2014

Have you perused the papers to find a home for sale in Destin? Perhaps the internet is more up your alley. However you decide to conduct your search, the lack of inventory has likely impacted your ability to house hunt efficiently.

So, how can you have the upper hand in a competitive market? There are a few things that will give you an edge, but keep in mind that situations vary and nothing is ever guaranteed.

While cliche, the overused “timing is everything” could not be more true in a competitive real estate market. The goal is to find properties before everyone else does. This can be harder than it looks. Research and time can come into play, but a good real estate agent will know where to start.

There are other ways to get ahead. For instance you could make an all-cash offer. Because these offers require less work than others it is a good way to attract a seller’s attention. Being well-qualified is another great option. While credit, employment and a substantial down payment is always important it will especially help when you are up against the aforementioned cash buyer.

Learn more about how to edge out the competition with our outlined tips for real estate buyers found under our “Articles and Tools” page.

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